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The Future - CarReg Helping Sporting Youngsters

CarReg have been involved with helping young aspiring sports people for a number of years.

We have always tried to give something back where we can to help youngsters fund their progress in sport or a particular hobby they need to raise some finances for.

Jason our Managing Director has Completed 12 Full Ironman triathlons since 2009, and 30+ half IM distance triathlon events, everaising money for various charities, usually those which focus on helping poorly or disadvantaged children.

Marathon des Sables 2019

6 days - 256K /  151 Miles!

MdS JUST GIVING Donations page

Some local people have reached out for sponsorship funding for local teams,  sports clubs and so forth who we endeavour to assist where possible.

Proud sponsors of :-

BAYLISS MULTISPORT a Triathlon club for mostly children from 6 years old and some adults.

Bayliss Multisport

TESSA KORTEKAAS - Female Triathlete (Elite)

Tessa Kortekaas

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