Terms & Conditions

All contents of this site are the property of Classic Enterprises (UK) Ltd – Please Note: DVLA is a registered trade mark of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency.  Classic Enterprises (UK) Ltd is in no way affiliated to the DVLA.  Classic Enterprises (UK) Ltd, t/a CarReg is a recognised reseller of DVLA registrations.  CarReg is a registered DVLA Number Plates Supplier (RNPS No: 27154).    All number plates on this website are subject to pricing check and availability E&OE.

We can supply most car registrations on a DVLA Government Certificate issued by Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) which will be valid for upto 10 years.  All number plates and car registrations we supply can be transferred via The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency by us, our customers or our trading partners. Some of the ‘cherished numbers’ available originate from DVLA unissued Government stock.

Errors & Omissions

PRIVATE NUMBER PLATES is part of Classic Enterprises (UK) Ltd.  Errors & Omissions Excepted - All numbers are subject to price confirmation and availability. Prices may be subject to alteration. Classic Enterprises reserve the right to change any content without prior notice. All rights reserved. Use of this web site’s “Buy Online” facility does not Guarantee price or availability of your chosen registration.

CarReg has made ALL reasonable endeavors to ensure that the data on this site is accurate.  However by entering this site you agree that Car Reg, nor any other person involved in creating or providing this site shall be liable for any indirect or consequential damage arising from the use of any information contained in the site. Errors (both computer and human can sometimes occur and in any event, a Full refund of any money paid to Car Reg shall be final settlement for any failure to supply the item (registration mark) requested

Codes of Practice

We follow a strict complaints procedure and two Codes of Practice. As members of the RMI-CNDA , we can offer use of an Independent Conciliation and Arbitration process. The RMI can be contacted directly using this address: Head of CNDA, RMI, 201 Great Portland Street, London W1W 5AB.    We are also proud members of Cherished Numbers Guild and MIRAD

The way it works

  • The person or persons selling the car registration (the donor party) permits CARREG PRIVATE NUMBER PLATES to advertise and subsequently sell (upon finding a buyer) the rights of the car number plate to the purchaser.
  • The price payable to the donor party will be agreed and confirmed in writing.
  • You the owner of the donor vehicle bearing the car registration shall not be responsible for any fees charged by the – department of transport.
  • In the event of the donor not honouring his/her obligation as prescribed in the sales agreement, then CARREG PRIVATE NUMBER PLATES reserves the right to claim loss of earnings.
  • Once a buyer is found CARREG PRIVATE NUMBER PLATES shall pair both sets of documentation and be responsible for transfer application via DVLA Swansea.
  • Once the application for the transfer has been accepted by DVLA they may request to inspect the donor vehicle for clarification of the VIN chassis number (so all numbers correspond with each other).  This is pretty rare and usually only a requirement for older classic vehicles and vehicles more than 15 years old..
  • It is the responsibility of the donor party to fulfil the inspection obligation if/when requested.
  • The return payment as agreed, shall be payable to the donor party on approval of the transfer by DVLA and the issue of the  new V5C Document.
  • No specific time period can be given for a buyer to be found or for the department of transport to conduct the transfer, such circumstances are beyond our control.
  • The donor party undertakes to notify CARREG PRIVATE NUMBER PLATES in writing, via recorded delivery IMMEDIATELY, if you decide to dispose of the vehicle and/or car registration number or wish to withdraw the registration from sale.  If the donor party fails to notify us in writing prior to a customer being found, he/she may be liable for any costs incurred as a result of loss of profit. No charges what so ever will be made with such notification.
  • Both recipient and donor parties are responsible for notifying CARREG PRIVATE NUMBER PLATES immediately of any changes which may affect the transfer in any way whatsoever.
  • CARREG PRIVATE NUMBER PLATES liability is confined to the initial transfer only either to retention document with the buyer as nominee or to the buyers vehicle.
  • Any further transfers should be conducted through the recipient parties, vehicle registration office. CARREG PRIVATE NUMBER PLATES will not be liable for any further transfers after the initial transfer have been completed.
  • The purchaser is only acquiring the right to apply for the transfer of the mark from the donor vehicle to his/her own vehicle. The transfer will only be successfully completed when DoT issue the replacement V5 document or retention document (which ever applies) CARREG PRIVATE NUMBER PLATES liability is confined to the initial transfer or the supply of a V778 orV750 certificate, transfers completions or the delivery of any certificate should be within 21 days although time periods can not be guaranteed.
  • Use of this web site’s “Buy Online” facility does not guarantee price or availability of your chosen registration, but we do our utmost to ensure the integrity of our data at all times.