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Crazy Price For BitCoin Number Plates

Bitcoin Number Plate Sells for Over £50k

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular around the world with a growing number of companies such as Tesla accepting payments in cryptos. Earlier this year we announced that CarReg would become the first personalised number plate supplier to enable our customers to pay for investment number plates using Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies.

We felt it wouldn’t be too long before the alternative currencies, and in particular Bitcoin (abbreviation BTC), would make its presence felt in the exclusive personalised number plate market. Sure enough, at a recent DVLA online auction, a Bitcoin-related number plate, ‘BTC 500X’, sold for a cool £51, 010. At the time of writing, that’s 1.99 Bitcoin. It’s a sign of the popularity of cryptocurrency and its potential for generating wealth.

The price paid for the Bitcoin plate doesn’t even come close to the record for a personalised number plate. Top of the list of the UK’s most expensive plates is ’25 O’ which sold for a staggering £518,480 in 2014.

In some respects, personalised number plates are similar to the issuance of cryptocurrency is. New numbers are created using a strict alphanumeric system, which theoretically puts a limit on the number of private registrations in circulation. You can’t just create a personalised number plate for yourself. It must have already been made available in the past by the DVLA. You can make a request for a particular number from the DVLA to be issued at auction, but they won’t guarantee the issue.

Fortunately, the secondary number plate market is booming, so for discerning drivers who want to add a stylish personal touch to their cars there’s no shortage of available plates. On the CarReg database we currently have more than 65.5 million personalised registration numbers available.

Get Yourself a Cryptocurrency Number Plate

At CarReg we have many cryptocurrency-related number plates on our database. For Bitcoin you could have ‘BTC 24E’, J888 BTC’, or ‘D1 BTC’. For Ethereum (ETH) check out ‘G9 ETH’, ‘V222 ETH’, or MA68 ETH’. Available for Cardano (ADA) are ‘ADA 1’, ‘A8 ADA’, or ‘E12 ADA’. If it’s Binance Smart Chain (BNB) you use, try ‘T1 BNB’, ‘JU57 BNB’, or C10 BNB’.

If you’re not yet ready to dabble in cryptocurrency, you can use your own criteria to find the ideal personalised registration number for your car. Search our vast database to find available plates using your name, initials, business name, or even your favourite sports club. There are plenty of combinations and you don’t have to be a crypto millionaire as we have plates to suit every budget.