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How To Inform The DVLA When You Have Sold Your Vehicle

Now an Online Service Makes It Easy to Inform the DVLA When You’ve Bought, Sold or Transferred a Vehicle?

Back in 2015, the DVLA launched its online service enabling you to tell them when you’ve bought, sold or transferred a vehicle. Since then, it has processed more than 40 million transactions.

Quick and Simple Process

The purpose of the DVLA’s service is to make it as simple and fast as possible for you to tell them you’ve sold, transferred or bought a vehicle. They used feedback from customers to make the service easy so they can put the needs of their customers first, for both the public and trade.

Telling them you’ve changed a vehicle is now faster and easier than ever. When you use the online service, you don’t need to send any documents in the post. The DVLA’s database is updated straight away and you get instant email confirmation.

If there are any full remaining months of tax on the vehicle you sell, you’ll automatically receive a refund which will be sent to the address on your V5C log book. If you’ve set up a direct debit to pay your car tax, it will be cancelled when you notify the DVLA using the online notification service. It’s as simple as that.

During the last year, more than 70% of vehicle owners have used this online service to notify the DVLA that they’ve bought, sold or transferred a vehicle. The service is available 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week.

In order to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as it should, you need to make sure that your V5C log book has the correct address on it. If you change your address, you can follow this guide to easily notify the DVLA

Follow This Simple Step By Step Process to Notify the DVLA

You’ll need to have the 11-digit document reference number from your vehicle V5C log book to hand.

  • Go to the DVLA bought or sold a vehicle page.
  • Inform them that you’ve sold your vehicle privately to a person or trader.
  • You’ll need to give the new keeper’s full name and address.
  • Give the buyer the green ‘new keeper’ slip (V5C/2) so they can tax the vehicle.

If You Sell Your Vehicle to a Garage or It’s Scrapped or Written Off

If you sell your car to a trader, you can give your consent for them to tell DVLA that you’ve sold the vehicle to them. Simply give them the V5C and ask them to use the online service to tell them immediately.

If you prefer, you can tell DVLA online that you’ve sold or transferred a vehicle yourself by using the 11-digit document reference number on the yellow slip (V5C/3).

You can also use this service to tell the DVLA if your vehicle has been scrapped or written off by an insurance company.

Don’t Forget to Transfer Your Personalised Number Plates

If you’ve got personalised number plates on your car, you need to transfer them to another vehicle or to a retention certificate before you sell or scrap it. If you don’t, you’ll literally be giving away your valuable asset.


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