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Which Car Brands Display Personalised Number Plates

Ferrari Tops the List of New Cars Registered with Personalised Number Plates

A new study has revealed that the buyers of certain brands of new car are more likely than others to have the dealer register their car with the DVLA with a private registration number. They can then drive away from the showroom with personalised number plates on their dream car rather than standard plates.

Private Registration Numbers Have Always Been Sought After

Almost since car registration numbers were first issued in the UK in 1904, discerning drivers have wanted to add a unique and personal touch to their cars with personalised number plates. From the beginning, those in the know realised that a distinctive letter and number combination would be recognised as giving them status.

In the early days short registrations were most sought after, like the original coveted ‘A 1’ plate. As the alphanumerical sequences grew longer, motorists would try to obtain private number plates with their name or initials, or some other combination of digits relevant to them. Since 1989, the DVLA has held back certain registration numbers for sale at auction to private buyers making it easier to find your ideal plates.

Which Makes of Car Are Most Likely to Have Private Number Plates?

The study into new car personalised registrations was conducted by YesAuto using statistics provided by the DVLA under the Freedom of Information Act. The original aim of the study was to find out the percentage of car brands with personalised number plates by the end of 2020. That data wasn’t readily available, but the DVLA was able to provide the details of new cars registered for the first time in 2020 with personalised plates.

To differentiate between mainstream and low-volume brands and make a fair comparison, the study lists the percentage of new cars registered with private plates rather than the actual number of cars from each manufacturer. It’s no surprise that premium brands and supercars came out on top, but there are some surprising results as well.

Leading the field is Ferrari with 50.72% of the new models sold in 2020 leaving the showroom with personalised number plates. British-based Morgan came in at second with 40.91%, ahead of Lamborghini (37.21%), McClaren (34.70%) and Aston Martin (32.50%). Perhaps surprisingly, Subaru and Mini are in 13th and 14th place, pushing Jaguar into the 15th spot.

At the bottom of the list in positions 41 to 45 are DS, Renault, Peugeot, Vauxhall and Citroen. In last place is Tesla with just 0.02%, representing only five cars. One possible explanation is that Tesla no longer helps customers to put personalised plates on their new car.

Obviously, many new car buyers, including those of Teslas, will change to personalised number plates at a later date.

Have Your Personalised Registration Ready to Go on Your New Car

If you’re buying a new car and you want to drive off the forecourt with your personalised number plates on it, you’ll need to have your registration number on a V750 certificate of entitlement or a V778 retention document to give to the dealer. They can then register the car and number with the DVLA.

Choose your personalised registration number from the millions available on the CarReg database. We can issue the number on the correct document ready to transfer to your new car.