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Personalised Number Plates For Farmers

Farm-Related Personalised Number Plates to Go Under the Hammer at an Online Auction for the First Time

The sale of personalised number plates has been booming recently as more drivers look to add a unique personal touch to their cars. Many companies also invest in private plates for their vehicles to promote their business.

Well now it seems that the farming community is just as keen to get in on the act. As reported by Farmers Weekly, the first ever online auction for farm and countryside themed registration numbers is to be held on 7th June. The auction will be hosted by Olly Hares, a young livestock farmer from Longleat in Wiltshire.

As many farms attempt to diversify their businesses in various ways, Olly set up his number plate company, Farmplates, two years ago, originally as a hobby. He has since sold around 120 personalised number plates, with most being farm or countryside related.

Olly, who has around 500 cattle, says, “It’s one of the most obscure farm diversifications out there. Some people think number plates are a waste of time, but others are completely obsessed.”

Over 50 of the farm and countryside themed plates will go under the hammer at the timed online auction on Monday 7th June. The auction, held by Symonds and Sampson, will finish at 7pm. The plates are either owned by Farmplates or being sold on behalf of another party. Guide prices range from £250 to £10,000. Wearing wellies is optional during the auction!

It’s easy to see the farming association of many of the personalised number plates, but some take a little more working out. Here are some examples of the plates on offer.

  • R9 UTS
  • J60 BAA
  • V23 MOO
  • JC14 COW
  • SE11 FAT
  • AH11 RSE
  • P321 MUD
  • PO70 TOE
  • K9 DOE
  • TRA 67OR
  • HOR 53E
  • PH63 ANT
  • BA13 HAY
  • TF55 GUN

After the auction, the number plate registration can be transferred to the successful bidders by Farmplates if they are provided with the V5C log book details. The plates will then be sent out in the post.

CarReg Offers a Diverse Range of Personalised Number Plates

CarReg also has a range of farm themed registrations, such as ’18 EEF’, ‘MO02 COW’, ‘P18 EEF’, ‘BAA 1S’, ‘HAY 3K’, ‘SHO 20T’, ‘HO12 RSE’, and many more.

Whatever your interests, farming or otherwise, our database of over 65 million available personalised number plates is sure to include the ideal combination for you. Whether you want to show support for your favourite football club, promote your trade or business, or simply display your initials, CarReg can help you.