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Sell Your Number Plate Quickly

CarReg have been buying and selling private / personalised number plates since 1988, we have the experience and trust you may need.

We have no doubt that this current threat caused by the coronavirus pandemic will pass (hopefully within a matter of months) and businesses and our great country will bounce back stronger. We also realise that many people (including many of our past clients) may want to sell their number plate quickly.

Number plate values have increased steadily over the years, some quite significantly in the last decade. We realise that some clients wish to "cash in" during this current tough time.

As a long established business, we may be able to help in these situations. We can offer a 100% INTEREST FREE - BUY BACK agreement against selected number plates, whereby we buy the number from you and you have the opportunity to buy it back any time in the next 6 months for the same price we pay you for it. Contact Us for more info

If you would like to convert your private number plate into cash, please ask for a valuation here
Here at CarReg we buy many private number plates for stock off private clients each month, so please feel free to contact us for an immediate decision.

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Wishing all clients and customers all the very best over these coming weeks and months, which could be tough for many. We thank all the thousands of NHS hero's and key workers who are on the front line working to keep us all going and caring for our needs whilst we adapt and stay at home.

Our thoughts are also with anyone who has suffered any ill health due to the coronavirus and we pray for all to make a speedy recovery.

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