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A number plate that corresponds with a favourite town will always look great

Over the years we recognise that people personalise their car in many ways.  One of those ways is to include something to do with the area they live or where they call home. 

This can be done in a number of ways on a number plate, from something simple by including your House Number, Digits/Letters from a Post Code, but also more boldly by spelling the name of your City, Town or Village.  Not only that the UK is home to many non-British drivers from all over the world, Australia, the US, the UAE, Europe, Africa, Asia so some may wish to show their origin on a private plate.

Below some of the more popular number plates which have sold at auction between 1989 and current date.  Why not try and Make your own plate

Towns & Cities

  • B1 HAM
  • BR15 TOL
  • BUR 70N
  • DER 8Y
  • D3 VON
  • DOR 53T
  • E5 SEX
  • EXE 73R
  • GLA 560W
  • HU11 CTY
  • POO 1E
  • TEN 8Y
  • T12 URO

Cities such as HULL,  HU11***, Birmingham B1 HAM or can use abbreviations like BHM or BHX similar to codes used by our Airports, Manchester (M*ANC or MCR) or our Capital London, LO11 DON / LON or LDN can all be used and incorporated onto number plate formats available to us in the UK. 

Overseas Countries & Nationalities

  • FR14 NCE
  • G12 EEK
  • SPA 1N
  • AUS 51E
  • CRO 471A
  • J4 PAN
  • RUS 51A
  • PAK 574N
  • POL 51H
  • 1 USA

Foreign nationals settled in the UK, like to remember their roots and can be creative in how they get a piece of them onto a private number plate.