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How To Put A Personalised Number Plate On Your Car

How to Put a Personalised Number Plate on Your Car

If you’ve been considering buying a personalised number plate but you’re worried that transferring the plate to your car will be complicated — worry no more! Here, we give you a step-by-step guide showing how easy it is to put your cherished number on a vehicle.

1. Buy Your Personalised Number Plate

You have a number of options for buying a personalised number plate. The DVLA hold regular online auctions that you can bid on; you can buy from a private seller, but that does come with risks; or you can get your plates from a registered number plate dealer such as CarReg. By using a registered supplier, you can be sure of a safe and legal transaction.

If your chosen private number plate has never previously been registered to a vehicle, you’ll receive a V750 certificate of entitlement. If the plate has been issued before, the V750 will be replaced with a V778 retention certificate. Find out more about these documents in this article.

2. Assign the Plate to Your Vehicle . . . Or Not

When you’re ready to assign the plate, you do have to follow some rules. You can’t display a personalised plate that makes a vehicle look newer. For example, a car registered before 2020 can’t be assigned with a 20-registration. You also can’t transfer a private number to ‘NIQ’ or ‘Q’ registered vehicles.

To assign the number to a vehicle, you’ll need the V5C registration, commonly known as the log book, to prove you’re the keeper, the car must be taxed or declared SORN and be available for inspection by the DVLA. It’s free to assign your private registration number and you can apply by post, but the DVLA’s online service is quicker and easier.

If you’re not planning to assign your personalised plates to a vehicle immediately, the V750 and V778 certificates are valid for 10 years, after which they can be extended for a further 10 years free of charge.

3. Get Your Personalised Number Plates Made Up

You can only legally get your private number plates made up by a registered supplier. Contact us at CarReg and we can get your plates to you in a few days. We’ll just need proof of your name, address and entitlement to the registration number.

How to Remove Personalised Plates

If you want to remove your personalised number plates before selling or scrapping a vehicle, you can apply to the DVLA online. You’ll need the car’s V5C log book and a payment of £80. The vehicle will usually have its original registration number reassigned to it. You’ll receive a new log book and a V778 retention certificate. Don’t sell or scrap the vehicle before you receive these documents or you’ll lose the right to your cherished number.

Can a Lease Car Be Assigned Personalised Plates?

You can get your personalised number plates assigned to a lease car, but it’s not as straightforward. You will need permission from the finance company and the V750 or V778 will need to be transferred to them as they are the vehicle’s keeper. You will usually be charged an administration fee. When you want your plates back at the end of the lease, there will be another admin fee.

If you have any questions about buying or assigning personalised number plates, our friendly team at CarReg is here to help.

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