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The DVLA – A Few Facts!

  • The DVLA’s head office is in Swansea, South Wales including a huge computer centre in Swansea Vale.
  • The agency also has a network of local offices around Great Britain.
  • Today the DVLA hold the details of around 40 million driver and 30 million vehicle licences!
  • The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre or DVLC had to computerise about 13 million paper vehicle records, along with 15 million paper driver records!
  • Its forerunner the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre was established in 1973 to centralise and computerise the vehicle and driver records then held on paper across 183 separate UK Local Authorities!
  • DVLA is an abreviation of Driver And Vehicle Licensing Agency

As well as maintaining a database of licensed drivers and registered vehicles, the DVLA issues driving licenses, adds endorsements & penalty points issued by the courts, issues and transfers vehicle registrations, organises collection of Vehicle Excise Duty (also known as Road Tax and Road Fund License) and sells private registrations (DVLA Number Plates)!

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