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Big name football number plates and high flyers

Football Number Plates - Who are the Biggest Spenders?

Over the years some of the more special team related Football Number Plates have made huge sums of money selling at DVLA auctions and privately, with WEST HAM, ARSENAL, VILLA heading up the ‘most expensive football numberplates’ league table making £58320, £46656, and £45360 respectively. Some of the lower values down to the fact they were sold over 25 years ago when prices were cheaper.

Some High Earning Football Number Plates from DVLA Auctions (some sold way back in 1989)


  • WE57 HAM £58,320 West Ham Utd
  • AR53 NAL £46,736 Arsenal
  • V1 LLA £45,440 Aston Villa
  • M417 UTD £17,835 Man United
  • S41 NTS £14,984 Southampton
  • 1 FC £10,817 Liverpool FC ?
  • MA17 CTY £10,448 Man City
  • UN11 TED £9,670 Manchester or Newcastle
  • CHE 153A £5,663 Chelsea
  • EVE 270N £9,411 Everton
  • P41 ACE £6,949 Crystal Palace
  • SPU 12S £7,856 Tottenham Hotspur
  • WO11 VES £7,856 Wolverhampton Wanderers
  • L35 TER £4,754 Leicester City
  • 1 WFC £5,891 Watford FC
  • FOX 3S £3,995 Leicester City
  • C14 RET £4,500 Burnley FC
  • B14 DES £3,320 Sheffield Utd
  • CAN 42Y £793 Norwich City


  • ALB 10N £24,000 West Bromwich Albion
  • TYK 3S £historic Barnsley FC
  • BEE 1S £2,283 Brentford FC
  • B1 UES £3,450 Birmingham City
  • BR15 TOL £20,168 Bristol City
  • 8 ORO £7,027 Middlesbrough FC
  • BOL 70N £5,133 Bolton Wanderers
  • AD11 CKS £999 Charlton Athletic
  • DER 8Y £18,872 Derby County
  • FU11 HAM £7,208 Fulham FC
  • FOR 35T £3,995 Notts Forest
  • H1 TFC £999 Huddersfield Town FC
  • HU11 CTY £46,736 Hull City
  • 1 TFC £historic Luton Town
  • L1 ONS £15,238 Millwall FC
  • 1 OPR £8,634 Queens Park Rangers
  • OWL 5S £1,975 Sheffield Wednesday
  • PRE 570N £11,953 Preston North End
  • ROV 312S £1,222 Blackburn Rovers
  • ROY 41S £3,379 Reading FC
  • S7 OKE £8,038 Stoke City
  • SWA 11S £2,110 Swansea City
  • WH11 TES £6,171 Leeds United
  • W1 GAN £9,806 Wigan Athletic


  • EN61 AND £15,632 England FC
  • FOO 71E £8,795Footie
  • F4 CUP £14,595 FA Cup
  • GOA 11E £4,248 Goalie
  • 60 ALS £5,385 Goals!
  • GOA 1S £9,048 Goals!
  • 6 OAL £9,175 Goal!
  • WEM 813Y £2,859Wembley

In the Autumn of 2006, CarReg sold 1 UTD on behalf of a Manchester based businessman and Manchester United season ticket holder Charles Wright who had several young grandsons at the time who were also United mad. He couldn’t risk them all fighting over the registration when they grew up, so opted to sell it while he could having had many years enjoyment from it, with the registration number taking pride of place on numerous nice cars that he had owned. Needless to say he felt very special with much of the attention the registration attracted on match days near the ‘Theatre of Dreams’, Old Trafford.

If you are football mad and your team holds a special place in your heart, then a private reg incorporating something relating to your beloved team could be just what you’re after!

It’s not possible to make every team name in full on a vehicle licence plate, but we have ideas for almost every team in the top 2 divisions on our Football Number Plates webpage.

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