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Steven Gerrard's Rangers Number Plates For Sale

Dream Rangers Number Plate Sold for £5,000

Steven Gerrard has led Rangers FC to finally clinch their 55th league title after a 10-year long wait to break arch rivals Celtic’s hold on the Scottish Premier League. Now, one lucky fan has managed to get their hands on a one-of-a-kind memento of the historic triumph. The personalised number plate ‘SG55 RFC’ is an abbreviation of Steven Gerrard 55 Rangers Football Club and signifies title number 55 for the club.

The private number plate, which had a starting price of £130, was bought by an anonymous bidder at a DVLA auction on 6th April for £5,000. The plate was originally made available in September 2005, but has never been assigned to a vehicle before. Now, one Rangers supporter has a unique way to celebrate their club’s victory and rub salt in the wounds of Celtic fans at the same time.

Gerrard’s Old Range Rover for Sale

Last month it was reported that a Range Rover, previously owned by Steven Gerrard, was up for sale. The white 4x4, which would have cost Gerrard more than £100k when he bought it in 2013, still carries his old registration number, although the number hasn’t been revealed. Joanne Phillips, who paid £90,000 for the car in 2015, put it on the market for £47,999.

Gerrard bought the car from Overfinch, which specialises in supplying bespoke luxury vehicles to celebrities and footballers. He sold it back to them when he left Liverpool FC 2015. Joanne said, “He was off to sign for LA Galaxy and it was just the car I wanted, so I’ve had it the last six years. His name is on the V5 form and it’s got his old registration plate.”

Liverpool Number Plates are Popular

Steven Gerrard and Liverpool FC related number plates are particularly popular. Another fan of Gerrard from his days as Liverpool captain recently sold the personalised number plate ‘SG15 RED’ which could have two meanings. You could interpret it as STEVEN GERRARD IS RED, but 2015 was also his last year with the club before he headed for America. The plate was never owned by Gerrard, but the seller was hoping to get a good price for it.

In 2006, a Liverpool invested in the private registration number ‘0006 LFC’ after the club won its fifth Champions League title. He paid £800 for the plate, anticipating that it wouldn’t be too long before Liverpool won their sixth title, at which time he could cash in on his investment. However, he had to wait 13 years for the club to lift the trophy again, and in 2019 he was finally able to sell the plate for an undisclosed sum.

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