Personalised Number Plates in the UK

We’ve described the different private plates formats below, tying them in to the periods during which they were issued. Just click these links to find out more….
Cherished Number Plates // Dateless Plates: 1903 to 1963
Suffix Plates: 1960s to 1983 // Prefix Plates: 1993 to 2001
Current Plates: 2001 to Present.

Why did we start using Registration numbers for our vehicles?

The “Motor Car Act 1903″ introduced Number Plates, and raised the UK’s speed limit to a scary 20mph!

The British government decided over one hundred years ago that the fledgling motorised car industry would need to be regulated.

As part of this new legislation it was decreed that each motor vehicle would need its own identity. Consequently, all vehicles registered in the UK must have unique registration numbers and so number plates were born.

What type of Personalised Number Plate are there?

Each of the private plate formats mentioned on this site relates to a style of registration issued in the UK during a particular period.

Terms such as Cherished, Private plates, Personal & Personalised plates, number plates and registrations are used almost interchangeably. However these are generic and don’t relate to particular styles, formats or periods!

Changes to formats were made for different reasons; the most common being simply that the possible sequences in a particular style had been used up requiring a new format – much like the seemingly frequent changes to London phone numbers! Whilst some of our elite registrations are quite expensive we also have a large stock of cheap personalised number plates, you can try the easy search on our homepage here.